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High Five after Workout Performance individuelle et collective

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your potential

to make your future smile

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Sandrine Loison - Professional coach

Let’s get to know each other…

After more than 20 years in management positions in Marketing and Communication consulting agencies, I wanted to use my interpersonal skills differently to give new meaning to my professional life...

Today, I rely onmy strategic vision, my creative spirit, and my sense of humor to support my clients in achieving their individual and collective professional goals.
Arcandes is also a collective of around twenty partners coaches, trainers, supervisors and therapists who collaborate to effectively adapt their support: plural singularities at the service of our clients.

I am driven by the idea that the future smiles on those who open themselves to it…Professional coaching offers this incredible opportunity to broaden perspectives and transform the impossible into “a possible”…

Sandrine LOISON
President of Arcandes

Des arbres d'en haut
“Life is constant change
and the only thing that doesn't change,
it’s that everything changes all the time.”

Mark Twain

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Arcandes supports leaders, managers and their teams in developing their full potential

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